Please complete the below form to apply for service with North East Mississippi EPA. Please note, we do not guarantee same day service request. All fees and deposit must be paid prior to service being connected.

Once your account has been created in our system, you will receive an email including the total amount that must be paid before service is connected. The deposit amount is based on a credit check and will be $80, $200 or $400. The amount will also include a $10 Membership and $40 Service Charge. Total owed will be $130, $250 or $450.

A Prepay account can be created for $125.00 ($25 Deposit, $10 Membership, $40 Service Charge and $50 Prepay Credit). To request a Prepay account, please indicate "yes" in the "Will this be a Prepay Account?" field below.

If you have any questions regarding starting new service, please call 662-234-6331 or toll free 1-877-234-6331 and a customer service representative will assist you.

Did you know that we also offer reliable, high-speed fiber internet service through NE SPARC? Visit us online at to see how NE SPARC can improve your life. If you have questions, please give us a call at 662.238.3159.

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